Winter School Gathering




A very special Giamos witchy gathering. A day to sit together, practise together, make ritual together and so intentionally enter the dark feminine half of the year together. 

Booking Opens Monday 26 Sept

We will prepare for the journey through Giamos, the dark feminine half of the Celtic year. 

As the darkness descends we will gather as women have done through the ages spinning and reweaving new worlds with the threads of our collective wisdom.

Our day will be dedicated to the sacred evolutionary work of women, learning to lead with the the feminine, to remember our sovereign power and wisdom, to live from our sacred centre.

What we will do together: 

Wisdom Teachings

Attune to the ancestors
as you learn about the Giamos Half of the Celtic Wheel, the Dark Feminine, the Cailleach, crone and witch

Embodiment + Yoga 

Attuning to the body
in movement and breath work. Explore the 3 cauldrons in the body 

Circles + Ritual 

Attune to your soul and like minded sisters
 on the path as you sit in circle with your soul tribe and as we create a collective Giamos ritual together


and of course some ceol agus much craic!

Join me,  

Mari Kennedy 

Founder of the Celtic Wheel, Gatherer of Women Globally, Guide, Mentor, Coach, Integral Facilitator, Yoga, Meditation and Embodiment Teacher

and my


Celtic Wheel

soul sisters...

Dolores Whelan 

The Celtic Wheel Elder and lineage holder.  Author, teacher, spiritual guide, healer, way-shower and pioneer; Dolores Whelan has blazed a trail in her lifetime to provide a potent understanding of the value of ancient wisdom and ignite appreciation for Celtic spirituality and the waning traditions of indigenous Ireland. 

Lydia Campbell

Lydia is a modern mystic and a bridger. She facilitates and consults on global evolutionary projects, applying ancient Celtic wisdom to contemporary challenges and opportunities

DATE: Saturday November 19 | 9.30am - 7pm

LOCATION: The Chapel of Ease, The Gospel Hall, Irishtown, Sandymount D04 CA43 

TRANSPORT: Lansdowne Road Dart, Buses C1, C2 and 47.



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This Winter assembly was dreamed up from a longing to bring women together outside a residential retreat setting, to make it accessible for more of us to gather.


Inspired by Cessair in Ireland's great creation myth, who when she was told she was not invited on the ark, built her own ark, gathered 50 mothers of the world and sailed to Ireland. 


My hope is to lead more assemblies and gatherings that bring us out on the land together but for now we will start small and gently, and allow the feminine to lead.